School of Biblical Studies

The purpose of the Chaplaincy Certification Program is to provide, in a variety of settings, basic and advanced training in chaplaincy skills, helping skills, crisis intervention and counseling.

Upon completion of this certification, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the various roles of chaplains and the skills needed for each role.

  • Demonstrate basic counseling skills in various situations, to include crisis, trauma, and grief.

  • Share biblical and theological elements as part of a chaplaincy ministry.

  • Understand current trends and issues pertaining to the roles of chaplains.

Chaplaincy is a calling and a powerful ministry. Chaplains serve in a variety of settings: hospitals, jails, prisons, police departments, fire departments, denominational ministry, churches, military, crisis centers, team sports, athletics, corporations and counseling ministry. Chaplains serve an important role in caring for people in times of distress, trauma, and natural disaster. Chaplains serve in both voluntary and paid capacities. To be effective, this requires a certain skill set. The Chaplaincy Certification Program provides for the basic and advanced training in necessary chaplaincy skills, taught by experienced chaplains with doctoral degrees. Those that would benefit from this program include those interested in serving in the chaplaincy and those already serving as chaplains, looking to hone their skills.