What is the latest news concerning Kingdom College?

Accreditation is an ongoing process for new schools and not attainable prior to classes beginning. However, we are currently seeking accreditation through TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) and SACS and will keep our website current on that progress. Please ask us questions.

Kingdom College is now licensed in the state of Alabama and is beginning the accreditation process.  We have established partner affiliations with Providence Christian School, Headland United Methodist Church, Harvest Christian School, and Northside Methodist Academy to provide classroom space in addition to our affiliation with Living Waters Counseling, Inc. We are in the process of establishing our dual enrollment program with local high schools. In addition, we are continuing to hire highly qualified professors.

What will the graduated student from Kingdom College look like? 

There are several possible outcomes for students attending Kingdom College: Associate’s Degree in Psychology or Ministry Helps (i.e. Missions, Lay Counseling); Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education or Psychology, or Bachelor of Social Work; Master of Science in Christian Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Master of Social Work, or Master of Divinity. The graduate from Kingdom College will be able to apply for licensure on the state level for counseling and social work. The Kingdom College graduate will further be able to serve either in the mission field locally or globally, at local churches and/or ministries, or in the secular workforce.

Why is Kingdom College a Christian institution?  

Kingdom College is designed to be a community of Christians intentionally joined together for academic progress, personal development, and spiritual growth. The mission of Kingdom College is to establish a pathway dedicated to preparing, equipping, and empowering educators, counselors, and social workers to serve and minister globally and locally to God’s people in unity of the faith through the Word of God as well as to those that are lost and in need of Salvation through Jesus Christ. 

How big will Kingdom College be? 

Initially, there will be a cohort group of ministerial hopefuls, educators, counselors, and social workers established. There is no minimum size for the cohort group, but there may be a cap, should it become necessary. When classes commence, students will be able to choose from courses leading to an Associate of Arts in Ministry Helps or Associate of Science in Psychology, Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education or Psychology, or Bachelor of Social Work. We will also be able to accept transferring students into the Master of Science in Christian Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Master of Social Work, or Master of Divinity programs. It is the desire and vision to grow toward offering Doctorate degrees in each field of concentration. 

How many students and faculty will Kingdom College serve? 

Our hope is to have a graduating cohort of 10 - 25 in each of the programs offered within our first graduating classes. Faculty number for that group needs to be a minimum of 15 professors and instructors. As the number of students grow, so will the faculty and staff. Certain accreditations mandate a specific number of doctoral level professors for a certain number of students. Therefore, we will work within those parameters in order to provide personal, skilled training at Kingdom College. 

What will Kingdom College mean to our city, country, and world? 

Considering the need for Truth in all areas of life, Kingdom College graduates will be prepared to address those needs through God’s Promises, as found in His Word. Equipped with training, clinical skills, and resourcing skills, Kingdom College graduates will be change agents ready to minister in our city, country, and world thus building strength and hope into these areas. Kingdom College’s pathways will be dedicated to preparing, equipping, and empowering educators, counselors, and social workers to serve and minister locally and globally.

Salaries and employment opportunities will be available for the faculty and staff of Kingdom College. Kingdom College will have a major impact on the economy of this region through job opportunities and utilization of local resources. As Kingdom College grows, the effects of this growth will impact our region significantly on several levels such as economically, culturally, and spiritually. 

Under what covering does Kingdom College come?

Kingdom College will be governed by a voting Board of Directors as well as an Advisory Board that will assist in the oversight and review of the academic excellence and standards presented through our staff, faculty, programs, and courses. Kingdom College will operate under the authority of a 501-3 (c) as well as Articles of Incorporation.

In addition to these governing Boards, Kingdom College is pursuing accreditation for its programs through CACREP (Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs) for the counseling program; Advanced Ed. and ALSDE (Alabama State Department of Education) for the education program; and TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) for the entire college. These accrediting groups have vigorous standards that will reflect Kingdom College’s desire to graduate skilled, confident, spiritually sound graduates.