Make a Difference

Giving opportunities


Friends of the future,

Every one of us has a place in our hearts, at some point, to make a really positive difference in someone else’s life and to leave a legacy of honor. There exist so many opportunities, worthy opportunities, to do just that. Kingdom College represents one of those honor-bearing opportunities through our giving program.

Sowing a seed that produces a harvest is a Biblical promise. To sow a seed into the life of a student of Kingdom College reflects the faith of the sower that God will increase that seed. Supporting our efforts in training and developing men and women to serve in the fields of counseling, social work, and education is a powerful seed for a global harvest. 

Supporting Kingdom College can be accomplished in several ways but always begins with prayer. While we have several levels of giving, following God’s leading is the desire of our hearts because it is the cornerstone of the Kingdom College vision and mission. God will lead those who feel the call to support Kingdom College. We thank you for being a hearer and a doer, whether He leads you to give monetarily or in other ways.

Here, you will find the levels of giving that have been established for Kingdom College. These levels represent how God’s Word blesses and keeps our lives in His peace, so we can minister to others who are not in peace. If you choose to be a monthly supporter, you will belong to a group called The Warrior Team! Whatever God leads you to do, please know that your heart of service and sacrifice is so very much appreciated! Thank you for your prayers!

All donations are tax deductible. If you are donating through PayPal and would like to make the gift in honor or in memory of someone, please note this in the "Special Instructions to Seller" section.

Gifts may also be mailed to Kingdom College, 208 S. Main St. Headland, AL 36345. To download a printable donation form, please click the button below. 


Genesis Gift

A onetime monetary gift of $1,000,000.00 or more for seeds for future growth.

Samaritan Gift

A onetime monetary gift of $50,000.00 or more toward any of the individual schools at Kingdom College.

Covenant Partnership

An ongoing monthly gifting of $500.00 or more for a period of a year or longer.

Apostle Partnership

An ongoing monthly gifting of $250.00 or more for a period of a year or longer.

Discipleship Partnership

An ongoing monthly gifting of $50.00 to $100.00 for a period of a year or longer.

The Gift of the Magi

A monthly or onetime gift to be put toward the scholarship program for worthy, needs-based students. The donor selects the amount of the gift.

Exodus Gift

A onetime monetary gift given over, or within, a 40-day period of time to any of the programs. The donor selects which program is to receive the gift. The amount of money is determined by the donor.

Living Waters Gift

A gift of any amount to fill the reservoir.