Graduate Admission Requirements

1.    Complete online or paper application, submit application fee, and read and sign the Statement of Faith. The application fee is $35.00 for Graduate students. 

2.    Submit official transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities. Standard admission will be considered for those students with a 2.25 grade point average on the degree-granting baccalaureate transcript and those that have completed the MAT with a score of 370 or higher or the GRE with a combined verbal and quantitative score of 274. College of Education standards require a 2.75 grade point average, with no provisional entry based on the grade point average, or a Class B (Baccalaureate certificate). Provisional entry may be considered on exam scores for all Graduate students upon review of over-all credentials.

3.    Submit one (1) letter of recommendation from an advisor, colleague, supervisor, or member of community. We request that this letter not be from a family member without college approval.

4.    Obtain approved background check/fingerprinting. Because each program of study contains some form of a clinical component, you may have a background check and/or drug screen at the discretion of Kingdom College.

Kingdom College reserves the right to make a decision for non-standard admission on a case-by-case basis upon review of over-all credentials. Provisional admission may be considered for any students initially submitting unofficial documents. Official documents must be received prior to the second semester of registration in order to clear provisional admission.