How is your faith?

How is your faith? Have you ever had a faith check-up! We get our cars
checked! We get our heart checked! We even get our teeth checked but
what about our faith. Is your faith healthy, whole and well? Look for
ways in which God desires to increase His presence and His faith in
YOU! Faith is so important that the Bible declares that it is the one
thing required if we are going to please God!!!! The interesting
aspect of a successful Christian faith is that, if we are going to
follow Jesus, then we MUST walk by faith, not by sight. Its when we
walk by faith that we place our hand in His nail scarred hand and
allow Him to lead us! Go ahead! Give it a try! Pray this simple, yet
powerful prayer. "Lord, I place my hand in yours. You lead and by
faith, Lord I will follow." In what ways is Christ wanting you to stop
walking by sight and start walking by faith?

Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for. The
evidence of things not seen."

Kingdom College