"Then Peter said to him in reply, "We have given up everything and followed you. What will there be for us?"

Matthew 19:27

That was Peter's question, and maybe at times, it has been ours too.
But after many years of following Jesus and living in His friendship,
Peter no longer asked that question. He already knew the answer. At
times, his following of Jesus certainly involved hardships. Those are
always a part of life. But can't we suppose that following Jesus
brought him great joy? Joy always seems to show up when we walk with
Jesus and live in His friendship. If that were not true, the first
communities that followed Jesus would have had no reason to survive
and grow.

Joy is the gift we get when we follow Christ and trust in his love.
When we're confused, Jesus guides us. When we're weak, Jesus
strengthens us. In our moments of quiet prayer, Jesus deepens our
awareness of his loving presence. That's the joy that will always be
offered to us as a gift of God's unchanging goodness.

Kingdom College