Daniel 6:23

"...And when Daniel was gifted from the den, no wound was found him, because he had trusted in his God."

I can imagine - oh - wait a moment! No, I can't imagine what it must have been like to sit in a dark, dank, cave like place,that reeked of lion feces and the stench of past feasts of human flesh. NO, I can not honestly say my imagination can muster that sort of vision!

On the other hand, I can imagine the absolute joy Daniel felt at not just the release from that fetid place, but at the pure joy he felt in the gift of The Lord of the angel in the midst of his desperate situation. Being set free from the lions' den amazed everyone - Daniel, the king, most likely the lions as well! Freedom was wonderful!!

In our lives, today, we find ourselves in varied and sundried lions dens. Daniel went into that den knowing Who he belonged to, and he knew his Heavenly Father would save him out of that den. I would encourage us all today - don't focus on the den that we could be in - nor the lions. Keep your eyes on Him who will set us free from the den and the lions. Praise The Name of Jesus for our freedom even in the midst of the den. Our Father inhabits our praises, and He is with us!! Rejoice and be glad that He has promised us that He would never leave us nor forsake us! Daniel believed God to be his Deliverer, and Daniel not only trusted His Father, but also rested as he trusted.

God bless you all as we all Praise The Name above all Names - Jesus!

Ginger Mayer

Kingdom College