school of Education

Master of Science in Elementary Education

The School of Education prepares, equips, and empowers undergraduates and graduates to serve students across the globe and locally in both Christian settings and in the public sector. Graduates of The School of Education will develop and enhance their God given gift of teaching while gaining the skills necessary to become teacher leaders within their schools and their communities, while reflecting the standard of excellence that Jesus Christ promotes through His love, grace, and mercy to all people in the unity of the faith.


  • To prepare Christian educators to utilize appropriate current educational skills, methods, and technologies and to assist students in their journey of becoming lifelong learners.

  • To equip Christian educators in the most current methods of instruction and educational assessments as they relate to the discipline of learning in a Christian environment from a Christian worldview.

  • To empower Christian educators to train students with a passion for God’s Word as it relates to every area of subject matter and on all educational levels.

  • To prepare Christian educators to become contributing members of the communities in which they serve.

  • To equip Christian educators with the skills necessary to enhance their own creative minds and spirits to help their students to grow into productive citizens in God’s Kingdom.

  • To develop Christian educators which reflect leadership skills in the classroom and within the school system.