School of social work

Master of Social Work

The Master of Social Work degree program provides an in-depth view of the ethics and legalities of social work. Further, this program follows the requirements for CISW Accreditation. This degree endeavors to expose students to the current issues in social work as well as the impact of those issues on the profession of social work. Further, this program assists students in their professional growth through experiences gained in their practicum and internships at approved sites.

Students will be exposed to the various professional organizations of social work and will be encouraged to participate with these organizations as a part of their growth as a professional social worker. Assessment and assistance development for clients is also a part of the student’s journey in this program. The skills of listening, communication, documentation, and understanding site policies are all developed as the student progresses through this program.

This is a comprehensive program that produces students that will be able to sit for licensure upon completion of the program.


Upon completion of this degree, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the laws and ethics involved with being a social worker.

  • Apply for the Social Workers Exam and apply for licensure as a professional social worker.

  • Work in various capacities locally and globally as a social worker addressing a comprehensive range of needs within communities to include crisis and trauma.

  • Work in developing and organizing a Christian social work component to the church or develop and build a ministry of social work either locally or globally.

  • Demonstrate how to work in a team capacity with local counselors to address local and global needs.