Looking for a way to give a hand up to one of God’s called servants?

Help our students serve Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom by donating to any of the following scholarship funds. It's easy to do! Visit our Donation page to give via PayPal. You can also send donations by mail or drop by our Administrative Office (208 S. Main St. Headland, AL 36345)

The Jerome Baxley Family Scholarship

This scholarship allows high school students grades 10 - 12 to enter the Dual Enrollment program at Kingdom College.

The Anne Holman Servanthood Scholarship

This scholarship enables a deserving student who wants to serve The Lord to obtain his or her degree at Kingdom College. 

The Myrtle P. Woodham Servanthood Scholarship

This scholarship allows a student who wants to serve The Lord to enroll at Kingdom College and work toward his or her degree.