Cost of Attendance

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tuition & FEes

Kingdom College aims to offer an education to everyone who qualifies for admission, regardless of his or her financial readiness for college. It is for this reason that Kingdom College has sought to create affordability for its students. Kingdom College is primarily tuition funded. All expenses for each semester/term must be paid at the beginning of the semester. Any expenses not paid by the beginning of the semester will be assessed a finance charge which will be added to the amount due to Kingdom College. Any student with an outstanding balance at the end of a semester will be denied the opportunity to receive his/her grades, receive a transcript, or register for a future semester, unless arrangements are made with the Finance Office. Below is the breakdown of expenses per semester for students at Kingdom College.

Financial Aid

Financial need is primarily the means by which financial aid is offered at Kingdom College. Students must apply for financial aid for every year that they want to receive financial aid. Students must fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) annually. If a student’s college expenses exceed a family’s financial resources, financial need exists. Students who have questions about financial aid should visit the Financial Aid Office.




$275    per credit hour (Undergraduate)

$375    per credit hour (Master’s)                                             



$50      Registration                     

$100    Facilities                   

$100    Technology                                             

$100    General