school of Education

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education 


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education prepares teachers to be professional educators to children in grades K-6. This degree program follows the parameters required for SACS Accreditation. Professionalism in a Christian environment represents the core of the program.

Students will gain an understanding of the history of education in America as well as an overview of the various educational settings that have come forth through the years with an emphasis on Christian education. Further, students will be exposed to the educational skill sets necessary to be an elementary educator, including lesson planning, educational assessments and evaluations, communication skills, and state and national educational policies.

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Upon completion of this degree, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate breadth of disciplinary knowledge pertinent to elementary school curricula.

  • Develop appropriate lesson plans based on the learners’ needs and abilities.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to communicate the elementary curricula to the appropriate developmental age groups.

  • Adapt instruction to various developmental age groups as well as diverse students.

  • Establish a learning environment that reflects Christ-like attributes and is conducive to learning with appropriate discipline and grace.

  • Choose appropriate learning objectives based on the learners’ individual levels, needs, and abilities.

  • Employ appropriate assessments and evaluations of the learners’ progress and be able to apply plans to enhance and support the growth of the individual learner.

  • Establish a life-long learner attitude to maintain knowledge of current educational trends and new skills that will help the teacher grow as an educator.