Draft Strategic Plan 2019-2023


Kingdom College, located in beautiful Southeastern Alabama, is a private Christian college that prepares students in various fields of ministry, as well as Christian counseling, social work, and education. The mission of Kingdom College is to educate students to work with missionaries, locally and globally, and to enter the market places of America and the world carrying the Word of God into these fields. Each of our programs is founded, surrounded, and supported by God’s Word as the basis for the curriculum. Further, our programs offer students opportunities to practice and enhance their education and skills through observations and participation in community internships. Our goal is to provide excellence in the training and educating of our students, so that they can carry this excellence into the fields to which they have been called by God.   

We believe Kingdom College offers a higher education for a higher purpose. The draft of our strategic plan is in the process of being developed with the programs below. Once finalized and adopted, the plan will ensure that we are honoring God and giving Him the Glory for this vision. This will be accomplished according to His Will, to the best of our abilities, through the wisdom and counsel of our Advisory Board. The following will reflect Kingdom College’s dedication to keeping the standards for quality and excellence in education.


School Culture




Policies and Procedures for Admissions


Human Resources






Library Resources




Program Goals and Implementations