A foundation of truth

Are you ready to be trained in the ways that hold power and truth for your life and the lives of others?

If this is you, and your heart’s desire is to be squarely in the middle of God’s Will for your life, please come take a look at Kingdom College! This is your opportunity to learn from those who have walked through the valley and have come out on the other side because of their faith in Jesus Christ. At this time we are accepting applications from those who have a passion and a desire to do things God’s Way and in His Time.  

Our programs are designed to build your life’s foundation on His Word while you utilize the gifts and skills God placed in your life to bless His Kingdom’s children. Each area of study brings a part of God’s Kingdom into perspective for the student; you will learn and experience His Word as you walk through your classes with His Word illuminating your chosen path. 

Whether you are seeking a degree in Education or one of the helping fields of Social Work or Counseling, or whether you are called to study His Word in depth through a degree in Biblical Studies or a Master of Divinity, you will experience the exhilaration of achievement as you step into your career knowing your training was formed and developed on His Word. Whatever your calling, God has built a place of excellence in which you can train safely, proudly, and thoroughly for the fields of harvest. Kingdom College stands ready to serve you and honor your calling. Truly, Kingdom College is a higher education for a higher purpose.



Virginia T. Mayer, Ed.D, LPCS
President/Co-Founder, Kingdom College