school of Counseling & Psychology

Master of Science in Clinical Psychology

The Department of Clinical Psychology is establishing itself as a training ground for researchers and clinicians, particularly known for innovation in pedagogy and clinical practice. Students within the MS Program are given an unprecedented opportunity to experience the demands of a graduate-level education in Clinical Psychology while also exploring the multiple avenues available in the ever-growing mental health field beyond. Our mission is to provide students with a platform to clarify their interests and then direct themselves toward their next professional goals. The field of psychology is vast. The MS Program exposes students to diverse perspectives and populations, and supports them with intensive academic advisement, so that they may discover the best fit for their unique abilities. Graduates of the MS Program leave prepared to confidently pursue higher education or gainful employment.

Upon completion of this degree, the student will be able to:

  • Including a combination of didactic instruction and experiential learning, students develop the critical thinking skills needed to interpret scientific knowledge.

  • Review traditional and contemporary treatment models.

  • Engage in innovative research, and contribute to fieldwork sites throughout the U.S.

  • Students will be intimately familiar with the depth and breadth of the Clinical Psychology orientation as a result of their tailored educational experience.