Draft Strategic Plan 2019-2023


Kingdom College, located in beautiful Southeastern Alabama, is a private Christian college that prepares students in various fields of ministry, as well as Christian counseling, social work, and education. The mission of Kingdom College is to educate students to work with missionaries, locally and globally, and to enter the market places of America and the world carrying the Word of God into these fields. Each of our programs is founded, surrounded, and supported by God’s Word as the basis for the curriculum. Further, our programs offer students opportunities to practice and enhance their education and skills through observations and participation in community internships. Our goal is to provide excellence in the training and educating of our students, so that they can carry this excellence into the fields to which they have been called by God.   

We believe Kingdom College offers a higher education for a higher purpose. The draft of our strategic plan is in the process of being developed with the programs below. Once finalized and adopted, the plan will ensure that we are honoring God and giving Him the Glory for this vision. This will be accomplished according to His Will, to the best of our abilities, through the wisdom and counsel of our Advisory Board. The following will reflect Kingdom College’s dedication to keeping the standards for quality and excellence in education.


School Culture

All universities, colleges, and institutions of higher learning desire an environment that fosters and nourishes learning and inspires students, faculty, administration, and staff to unify in the goal of making their school the very best it can be. The culture of the school determines and supports the mission and vision of the school. That is why Kingdom College’s heart is to establish and maintain a school culture that encourages the equipping of His people on the undergraduate and graduate levels for works of service based on Ephesians 4:12 - 13.  Kingdom College’s desire for the future is that the school culture will continue building on the mission and sending forth His students empowered by The Holy Spirit, through love to fulfill His divine plan based on Acts 1:8 and Matthew 28:19.



Kingdom College seeks professors that have the desire to utilize their gifts and talents to equip and empower our students to go forth and perform the acts of service to which they are called. The faculty of Kingdom College dedicate themselves to the students’ future through rigorous course work and challenging academic goals. Professors at Kingdom College model scholarly standards and assist their students in developing their own standards of academic excellence. Kingdom College is working to ensure a quality working atmosphere for every professor and teacher; we want our faculty to feel that their work is respected and is valued by students, administration, and the community. Our faculty members are experienced, mature workers in their various fields and come from strong academic backgrounds. Further, each of the faculty members has an active relationship with Jesus Christ as their Savior. They reflect this relationship in their work with our students. Faculty members interact with their students in both the academic and spiritual arenas building strong faculty-student relationships. Kingdom College believes the faculty to be a cornerstone of this institution.


Policies and Procedures for Admissions

Kingdom College has developed student friendly policies and procedures for admissions. Personal assistance and one-on-one relationships reflect Kingdom College’s desire to imbue every component of our services with Christ-likeness in order to support and strengthen the mission and vision of Kingdom College. Our policies provide structure for Kingdom College revolving around the call to empower and equip our students to go forward through the power and wisdom of The Holy Spirit. Admission to Kingdom College first comes by way of a Call on a person’s life to serve Christ in the field, then a contact either through a phone call or a computer interaction. By whichever means a student finds his or her way to us, it is our honor to help them in their decision to become a part of the family of Kingdom College, and our duty to serve this person with transparency and honesty in all matters involving admissions or any other component of Kingdom College. First and foremost, the policies and procedures for admissions offers potential students a path to their future in a college designed to welcome them into their academic journey towards their callings and their dreams.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Department of Kingdom College revolves around God’s Word that admonishes us to respect, love and care for His children, and that we are to demonstrate this even in the work environment. A goal of this department is to allow God to help guide the hiring decisions by praying and seeking Him to fill the positions with His choices as positions come open. We believe God has established Kingdom College and the He will provide whom He desires to be a part of Kingdom College. It is through the diligence and prayers of the Human Resources Department that Kingdom College is able to employ the staff, faculty, and administration that are the structure of Kingdom College’s academic and student services.



Kingdom College is a start -up college in its first academic year. God has blessed us with wonderful donors that have helped tremendously to build the college and set us on our feet onto the journey to which we have been called. Our financial structure is a day-by-day faith walk. We are reminded of God’s generals of faith every time a financial need arises; we speak prayers over the finances and our faith is that because God called forth Kingdom College for a time such as this, He will provide for the Vision He gave. We are supported by donations, tuition and grants. Kingdom College was birthed out of a mandate given to Living Waters Counseling, Inc. to “Raise up an army of Christian counselors” and a Word that came to “Build for Me a college.” With these Words, we raise our prayers of thanksgiving for His Provision daily, and know that He will provide for the future of Kingdom College. First and foremost we are thanking God for His Provision; on the more human level we are recruiting, seeking grants and donors. We thank God for His Grace!



Kingdom College is building towards the future; Fall Semester 2019 will include a launch of online classes, thus increasing our use of technology. Further, we offer hybrid type classes that are partially online and classroom attended. Much of the research done at this time is all online. Kingdom College is blessed with a contractual relationship with a company that reflects not only the most up to date IT trends but also is focused on ensuring that our technology reflects God’s nature and will for the school.  We consider protecting our student data and our employee data a critical goal of the IT department. As the IT Department grows, more technology will be added to assist the student growth and numbers of the professional staff’s growing needs will be addressed. We are blessed to have a wonderfully functioning IT Department that stands ready to serve our students and staff. 


Library Resources

Our students and professors are blessed to have The Blanche E. Solomon Library in Headland as a library resource for Kingdom College. Currently we are in the process of developing our working partnership with this local library. Further, we are in the process of praying and seeking a Librarian to serve Kingdom College i to help build our Library Services. Kingdom College students and professors have access to The Alabama Virtual Library as well for research purposes.  Several donors have assisted in building our library selections, and we welcome the kindness of these donors.



Kingdom College began working on the curriculum a year before the college opened its doors.  Through prayer and careful planning, skilled and devoted educators came together to develop a rigorous curriculum for the various programs. The curriculum was structured with the mission and vision of Kingdom College in mind. Course and program content reflect the Good News of the Gospel as well as the rich history of God’s Plans for His children. All curriculums reflect the experience and training of an entire team of educators that poured their hearts into developing programs that are current in their respective fields of study and integrated with God’s Holy Word. Students trained at Kingdom College will leave well prepared and  well-grounded in their programs’ content in addition to being well versed in God’s Word and how His Word will go with them onto their fields, whether ministry or market place ministry across the globe.


Program Goals and Implementations 

This portion of our Strategic Plan consistently demonstrates our desire to keep Kingdom College on track for improvement for our students and the community they will serve upon graduation. Each program has established goals to ensure that the students are receiving everything they need to perform excellently in the various fields of study we offer.  After establishing these goals, implementing these goals activates the benefits and growth for each of these programs. This portion of the Strategic Plan ensures that program goals are viable, vibrant and workable; further, this portion of the Strategic Plan outlines specifically how these goals are to be carried out.



In order to provide our students, faculty, staff, administration and the community the strongest and most viable experience in Christian higher education, Kingdom College chooses transparency through a rigorous self-assessment and evaluation process. Kingdom College desires to not be found lacking in any component of service to those to which we have covenanted to provide the best Christian higher education experience. Through looking closely at ourselves, determining our strengths and our weaknesses and developing a sound plan to turn those weaknesses into strengths, we believe Kingdom College honors God and the beautiful Vision He has given to educate His children for His service in His fields in such a way that gives Him the utmost glory.